Is Your Stone Sealed?

Did you know that natural stone surfaces should be sealed soon after installation? Many times this important step is skipped, leaving it up to managers and new homeowners to protect their expensive surfaces from unneeded wear and damage. Natural stone surfaces need special care to keep them looking new. Not sure if your stone is sealed? Try this quick water-repellency test in a discreet area to find out:


    1. Make sure surface area is clean and dry.

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    2. Apply a drop of water approx. 1″ in diameter.

    3. Allow the water to stand for approximately 5-20 minutes, depending on the porosity of the stone

    4. If the water beads above the surface, your stone is protected, or dense enough to help prevent stains.

    5. If surface is unsealed, the water will absorb into the stone and darken the surface.

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