Did you moisturize your leather today; it is skin just like yours

cosy living room

Many of us own leather products of some kind. We have leather shoes, jackets, purses, and wallets. Leather furniture is one item that seems to be showing up more and more in homes today. Reason being leather is more durable than fabric furniture and consequently it last longer. Did you know that Leather breaths to adjust to your body temperature, making it more comfortable to the touch? Just like human skin it is soft and delicate, and needs to be washed and moisturized. Leather has an outstanding reputation for quality, and the only negative comments about leather not lasting or looking old are from lack of professional maintenance.

Like any upholstered furniture, maintenance and cleaning are very important. There is a lack of professionally certified leather cleaners in the US, about 2500 to be exact. Fortunately for the Property homeowners on the Outer Banks we have one of those certified cleaners. When people see all of these cleaners in the store that say “Leather Cleaner”, they think “I’ll just clean it.” However, many products that are on the market currently are not appropriate for leather care. Many of them contain products that break down the finishes. This will promote dryness, cracking, and rapid soiling. Some contain products that strip off the top coat exposing the lower surfaces of the finish while others contain wax-type conditioners to soften the leather, but will build up over time, and become hard, brittle and glaze up.

Are you doing what you need to for your skin? Call Albemarle Fabric & Floor Care Specialists today and we will rejuvenate your leather.