We Treat Your Rug Like a Piece of Art, Even If It Isn’t

Did you know we are the only Outer Banks rug cleaning plant, as well as 3 of the only certified Rug Cleaning Technicians? We recommend all rugs be cleaned in a plant facility. This allows more control in the cleaning process. However, some rugs are too large and heavy to be removed, or they may have extremely heavy furnishings on them; which may make removal and transport impractical. When cleaning rugs in our plant, we have more control in the cleaning process, along with the use of specialized equipment that cannot be transported.

We understand that every rug has a story. Maybe it was your grandmothers, and it was passed down to you, or you went on vacation to Turkey and spent a day searching for that perfect rug. Maybe you’ve had it since your kids were young, and you could never let it go, because of the wonderful memories it holds. When we clean your rug, we think about all of the possibilities.

As you search through the many websites looking for the perfect cleaning company to care for your prized possession, realize many of these companies don’t actually clean your rug the correct way or clean rugs at all. Most carpet cleaning and restoration companies advertise they clean rugs, but actually clean your rug the same way they clean wall to wall carpet, Steam Clean it! Steam cleaning is ok for an inexpensive synthetic area rug, but for a natural fiber hand knotted rug, a full immersion cleaning is mandatory. Please view our Rug Washing page for detailed information regarding our exclusive cleaning process and pictures of us actually cleaning rugs.

    Another myth is take your rug to the dry cleaners because they know how to clean rugs. This is far from the truth. Dry cleaners have a third party company that pick up there rugs and guess what they do…Steam Clean it!

Unfortunately, many companies offer a rug cleaning service, but do not care to educate themselves on the correct way to clean rugs. To properly clean a rug is a very painstaking process. That being said, the more labor involved, the higher the price. In order to offer a very low price, these companies either surface clean your rug with there truck mount or surface clean it with large automated equipment. Either way, your getting an appearance cleaning only. Educate yourself and ask questions before choosing a company to clean your rug. Don’t be fooled by slick advertising and low ball prices!

With our 7 – step cleaning process you will be amazed at how much brighter your rug will look. Just ask us to save the dirt, sand, etc… that we remove out of your rug, and you can see what you have been walking on all along.