• Step 1: Pre-Inspection and Pick Up – A thorough inspection of your rug includes taking measurements and making notes of all possible repairs that may need attention.
    When measuring your rug for an estimate, always measure the fringe as part of the length. We will quite often spend a large amount of time getting the fringes to look as good as they can, and that is why we consider that a part of the square footage.
  • Step 2: Dusting – Removing dust and dry soil from the rug is a very important step that should never be overlooked. Handmade rugs have the unique ability to hold pounds of dirt. We get large amounts of sand and dust from rugs. Sand will have a cutting effect on your rugs yarns. Quite often we have rugs come into our facility and they lose a tremendous amount of yarn in the dusting process due to a lack of regular cleaning.

    If you vacuum your rug upside down and you see what looks like dust after, take a close look at the dirt to see if there is any color to the dirt. If you see color, that is wool, not dirt! Your rug is now the victim of fiber loss. However, this will also happen to rugs that are chemically washed to give them a softer hand.

  • Step 3: Color Fastness Testing -Testing the rugs for weak dyes is another step in the process. This will tell us how to proceed with the wash. Many times the dyes can be set so as to control the bleeding.

    *Some rugs will bleed no matter what precautions are taken to control it. We will not be responsible for dye bleed damage.

  • Step 4: Turkish Bath Washing – The washing is most often completed in our exclusive TURKISH BATH Wash Tub. This European designed machine allows your rug to gently “swim” in the water and makes water flow through the pile to remove soluble soil and any sedimentary soils that remain after dusting. This washing action gets the rugs cleaner than any other method that we have used. Our special all natural botanical detergent will leave your rugs softer and smelling clean and fresh without any perfumes and residues that are left by many other cleaning methods.

    *Guaranteed odor removal is accomplished by pre-treating your rug with an all natural enzyme digester before entering our Turkish Bath.

  • Step 5: Wringing – How do you dry a 600lb rug? Easy with our custom built 14 ft centifuge. The rugs are rolled and then placed inside the cylinder to be spun at 900 rpm. This works the same as your front loading washing machine and spins out as much of the moisture as possible. While the rug is still spinning, we inject water into the cylinder to flush out any remaining traces of cleaning agents and suspended soils, leaving nothing but the rug behind. This removes so much moisture that the rugs are just slightly damp.
  • Step 6: Drying Now the rugs are ready to begin the drying phase of the process. The rugs will dictate whether they are to be hung or laid flat for drying. We have a climate controlled room with fans that provide a gentle breeze to remove the final percentage of moisture. We also utilize de-humidifiers and heat to remove the moisture from the room.
  • Step 7: Post VacuumAfter all of the other spa activities are complete, we will give your rug a final vacuuming and roll it up so it is ready for delivery back to you. We can custom wrap your area rug for moving or storage. We will set up a delivery time for your convenience. Delivery service is door to door, but we will be happy to carry your rug back to the room where it belongs, and layout your rug for an additional charge.

    We allow the rugs to dry as long as it is necessary so that you have a dry rug when it returns to you.

    It will still take a little time for your rug to acclimatize to your homes humidity level. Our facility is humid due to the nature of our work, and of course your home will be much drier. This should only take a day or two at most.