Tips To Help Cope With Carpet Repair Problems

What do you do when normal wear and tear begins to take its toll on your carpet or occasional accidents cause damage to the fibers or backing? A few tips from the carpet professionals may help.

According to the experts, regular vacuuming and maintenance won’t always prevent damage caused by traffic, children, pets and other normal wear. Over time, carpet may become soiled, torn, burned, or lose color.

Trained, certified professionals offer simple suggestions on how to keep carpet looking new. Some common problems these professionals encounter include:

Open seams: Seam failure has a variety of causes and can become an unsightly hazard if not repaired promptly.

Burns or melted areas in carpet: Excessive heat or sparks from a variety of sources, including fireplaces, cigarette ashes, or irons can melt carpet fibers. Restoring your carpet’s appearance may involve clipping or replacing the singed tufts.

Pulled yarns or missing tufts: Pulled yarns or missing tufts are caused by a number of conditions including normal wear and tear, improper shipping/handling or pet damage. Sprouting tufts should be clipped immediately, and simple repairs can prevent further damage.

Bleached spots and discolorations: Chlorine bleach, acne medications or harsh cleaners can remove or alter the color of your carpet. Often re-dyeing or replacing carpet in the affected area is the best option to restore its appearance.

Ripples: Buckles or ripples may form in carpet over time. If left uncorrected, they may lead to premature soiling, wear or delamination. To prevent this, the carpet should be re-stretched.

To help maintain your carpet’s appearance and ensure satisfaction with the services performed, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) recommends hiring an IICRC-Certified Firm employing an IICRC-Certified Repair and Re-installation technician to repair your carpet.

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