The Truth About Mold

Mold becomes a problem inside a home when there’s excessive humidity or moisture. The problem can originate from sudden water releases, like a burst pipe or large spill, or a chronic condition such as a leaking roof or plumbing. Even high humidity or warm, moist air condensing on cool surfaces can trigger mold problems. It’s always best to have the mold assessed and removed by a certified professional.

Beach Food Pantry

On behalf of the Beach Food Pantry, I wish to convey my thanks for the donation of carpet cleaning in our new pantry.  Your assosiate did a great job and we truly appreciated his effort in helping to improve our new pantry.

Please know that your generosity and thoughtfulness are most appreciated.

A note from Marilyn Canning – Chairpeerson

Carpet Cleaners Exposed Outer Banks

No insurance? If the price is several hundred dollars cheaper it may sound like an attractive offer. But think about this: If he can’t afford insurance, can he afford to buy you new carpet if he ruins your carpeting? Even worse, don’t you think his family will sue you if he gets severely hurt while on your property?

Certified Carpet Cleaner

Would you be surprised to learn that most carpet cleaning companies have no formal training? They are not required to be licensed? That there is no requirement for companies to have any certification what so ever? Is Training and certification important? After all, isn’t carpet cleaning a “menial” task anyone can perform?

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